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Test courses for beginners

If you're curious to know if golfing is for you and if you have the makings of a champion to challenge other players on the greens, you can inquire at one of the many golf schools on Lake Garda. There you will find instructors who will explain the rules of the game and the basic techniques and will guide you in search of your strengths. This noble sport has a strict etiquette and, unlike many other sports, everyone is his own referee. Therefore, during the golf lessons on Lake Garda, you will learn about the technique of the shots as well as the style and the mode of conduct in order to respect the golf course, your opponents and yourself. The neophyte must go through an intensive practical and theoretical path to be admitted to the official competitions. At first you are classified as NA (not enabled), after a few lessons and following the presentation of the green card by the golf pro, you will be categorized as GA (player enabled). You can then request access to the playing field accompanied by an experienced player, and to participate in the Course of the Rules. Once you pass the final exam, you gain the NC (not rated) classification and can then take part in competitions to secure your handicap.

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