Manerba del Garda

The City of Manerba lies at the foot of a promontory known as la Rocca (the rock), where the steep cliffs from Sasso soar down towards towards Lake Garda. The origin of the name of the town is quite uncertain as well as the timing of the founding of the first village. Manerba del Garda is located on the banks of the largest lake in Italy and is surrounded by rolling green hills, fertile olive groves and lush vineyards. There are several thematic strands that you can follow to visit the territory since the offer is quite varied, both in summer and winter. Naturalistically speaking, we find unique natural beauty, such as the numerous beaches (beach of Romantica, Pisenze, Sasso, Dusano and San Sivino), the Park of Perlino and the magnificent Rocca di Manerba. The medieval fortress is in the nature park and houses an important museum of archaeological history of the site. Cultural buffs cannot miss a visit to Palazzo Minerva, located in the main square of the town, where you can also find the Municipal Public Library and the Museum of Popular Culture. Manerba del Garda is also famous for its numerous churches of great artistic and historical value in the outskirts. Two examples are the Church of St. Catherine and the Church of Saint Lucia.

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