There are thousands between public and private berths on the shores of Lake Garda, a number that increases from year to year because of the growing demand for mooring and berthing, even by the hour. Among the larger ports are Desenzano, Salo and Manerba del Garda. These areas are the classic places for boat storage on Lake Garda. In addition there are areas with buoys operated by both public and private associations. Some boaters prefer to anchor and mooring in the buoy areas because they are easily accessible and it is easier to navigate than the ports themselves, where the procedures for allocating berths are more complex. Thanks to the presence of the boat storage on Lake Garda motorboat tourism is highly active and this brings significant benefits also to local economies. Those who do not have their own boat but have a boat license and want to take off on the lake with a speedboat can contact one of the many local rental agencies. (3 links to speedboat agencies)

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