About Us

The Golf Club Il Colombaro, founded in 2001, belongs to the Lake Garda Golf Clubs. Thanks to the beautiful scenery, mild climate, location and preparation of the grounds, it can offer golf enthusiasts a true oasis of sports and peace. There are several key goals outlined by the creators of one of the most fantastic golf clubs on Lake Garda. The main intention is to introduce young people to the world of golf, through practice, technical knowledge and observation of the code of conduct. Golf is a sport that has clear and precise rules, including a code of ethics, and that teaches respect towards opponents and to the golfers themselves. The skill and experience of the instructors at Il Colombaro Golf Club on Lake Garda are available for individual and group lessons and to communicate the secrets to improve golfer's skills and to learn the perfect swing. In addition, each month the club offers the Rules Course resulting in a final test. Passing the exam enables the player to enter tournaments to obtain a handicap. The sports club Il Colombaro not only has the distinction of being in a completely natural area but also has many amenities nearby that make it an even more enjoyable sports day or a holiday for those staying at Il Colombaro, located around the farm complex.