There are many centres and sailing schools on Lake Garda, not far from Manerba del Garda, organizing sailing courses and offering boat rentals. Sailors can broaden their knowledge and will be pleased they don't have to give up their most exciting pastime during their vacation. Weather conditions, the direction and intensity of the winds vary from area to area of the lake. There is "Ora", blowing from south to north, and "Peler", blowing from north to south. For further information you can contact the clubs and tourist offices, who will give you the best advice for the sailing on Lake Garda. For years, the largest lake in Italy is recognized as one of the best regatta locatrions. Many enthusiasts, professional and amateur, come from every corner of Europe to enjoy the climate and the perfect setting for a fantastic holiday of sailing on Lake Garda. Among the most famous regattas are the historic Centomiglia, organized for over 50 years by the Circolo Vela Gargnano, and the Trans Benaco Cruise Race, a competition sponsored by the Circolo Nautico Portese that takes place over two days and touch the Lombardy and Trentino shores of the lake.

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